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“Jim and his team are just phenomenal! I would not hesitate to hire them again! We discovered last September, through an unfortunate damp-wood termite incident, that we had a water damage problem in the wall of our master bedroom directly *below* the sliding door. I demolished the deck, (that was in need of rebuilding anyway,) in order to gain access to the siding below to assess the extent of the damage and found that it was, in fact, quite bad. (See pictures! …it is estimated this was 8+ years of water-related rot.)

I got it cleaned out, copper-greened, and covered in Tyvek for the winter so we could explore financing options. Fast forward to spring – We contacted Jim and a few other contractors in the area to get a bid. Jim provided us a very reasonable “materials + manhours” bid to repair the wall. It’s spring, so they were about a month out on scheduling, but well within what I would expect for this kind of work from a contractor at this time of year.

So fast forward to gig day – these dudes were in and out in mayyyyybe 2.5 days total, were incredibly professional, and did a bang up job of fixing this dang wall. (And for what it’s worth – they had to build a retaining wall to hold up the floor, chip out the rot sections at a time, build support for sections they’d chipped out, and then replace with new timber. This was *not* a demo-and-go kind of gig.) I can’t speak to other reviewer’s experiences with Island Hammer, but mine was really fantastic. These dudes are on the level, and I would absolutely hire them again for any job big or small.”

– Richard Barley | 5 Star Google Review

Hi Jim,

Good evening! Amanda here (Richard’s wife) ☺️

I don’t believe we had the pleasure of meeting.

I just wanted to reach out to let you know that Pat and Matt did a phenomenal job this week taking care of the rot that we had on the side of our house. We are so pleased that we reached out to you and that you were able to take our job on!

Pat and Matt were polite, professional, and finished the job so timely! Richard will definitely be leaving Island Hammer a 5-star review.

I’m sure your weeks are busy- I just wanted to let you know we are eager to receive the final invoice. Just as soon as you have it ready, please send it my way and I will make sure you’re paid promptly.

Again, thank you so much for a fantastic job!

Kind regards,

Amanda Barley

Island Hammer LLC

(360) 697-9434

19351 8th Ave. NE,#S-163 | Poulsbo, WA 98370

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