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Variety of Construction Services in Poulsbo

The Island Hammer LLC contractors in Poulsbo specialize in a variety of construction services for residential and commercial projects. Our team is talented and experienced, equipped with the tools to bring you exceptional construction work to transform your living and working spaces.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Kitchens see the most traffic out of any room at home. Island Hammer LLC can bring you up to speed with the latest appliance technology that will save you time and money in the long run. We are also available to open up this space for more company, reconstruct cabinets and counters, lighting, and so much more. We do the same for bathrooms – we can transform them into bigger spaces, add showers or bathtubs, vanities, upgrade the lighting, and anything else you may need. Island Hammer LLC will provide beautiful, functional remodels to better suit your lifestyle and maximize the use of these integral spaces.

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Renovations and Additions

Apart from our new construction capabilities, we offer renovations for existing structures to liven up your current spaces. Our team can provide upgrades that fit safety, quality, and general functionality standards at your home or business. We can renovate stairways, fireplaces, and any other room that needs a facelift. Island Hammer LLC is also available for additions to add a little extra space where you need it; this includes bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, and other additional areas you can think of.

Windows and Doors

Island Hammer LLC offers quality windows and doors for either new construction or renovation phases of your home or business project. Our energy efficient fixtures come with inspections that are performed before you finalize your order to ensure you receive the proper window or door you are looking for. We offer custom sizing to make absolutely sure you are getting just the right fit installed that will bring you airtight products without the hassle.

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sunroom enclosure kitchen remodel repair

Sunroom Enclosures

Sunroom enclosures are exciting projects for warmer months, and Island Hammer LLC is eager to provide you with the best. We use only trusted manufacturers to construct your new sunroom, porch, or similar enclosures. Our custom work will bring you exactly what you need to easily enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable, protected porch area.

Basement Conversions

Conversions in your basement allows you to create more space without building an entirely new addition at your home or business. Island Hammer LLC is available to add extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchenettes in any basement to maximize everyday use. We are also available to reconstruct the layout, finish walls and ceilings, add flooring or carpeting, and so much more to transform your basement into a fully functioning space that matches the rest of your establishment.

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weather damage porch home

Fire, Water, and Wind Storm Damage

Island Hammer LLC offers fire, water, and wind storm damage for your homes or businesses that have been caught in bad weather that destroys interior and exterior spaces. We can repair windows and doors that are destroyed in heavy storms, as well as broken walls or roofing structures. If your basement or any part of the living space gets flooded with rain, we provide HVAC and construction services. Fire damage can be the most devastating to your home. Island Hammer LLC is available to repair this type of damage as well. Fire can spread quickly through a building, tearing door frames, walls, and other structures down in the process. We can reconstruct your home, repair the walls, and transform each living space back to its original state.

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